4 Unusual Ways To Quit Smoking


Are you trying to kick your smoking habit? You already know how unhealthy smoking can be. You probably also know how difficult the habit is to quit. Nicotine can be stubbornly addictive. For some smokers, it takes several attempts before they're able to kick the habit for good. Maybe you've tried traditional methods, like nicotine patches or quitting cold turkey. If that hasn't worked, it might be time to try something a little more unusual. Here are four nontraditional ways that others have used to quit smoking:

Bury your cigarettes. This may seem a little crazy, but if you have the right mindset, it could work. Some people bury their cigarettes in the yard or in a potted plant. They then make a commitment not to buy new cigarettes. So if they want to smoke, they have to go through the trouble of digging up their old pack that they buried. It's a bit unusual, but it might do the trick for you.

Post reminders. You probably have many reasons why you want to quit. Maybe it's because of your health. Perhaps you want to stop spending money on cigarettes. Maybe you don't like what smoking is doing to your appearance. Whatever your reasons, write them on sticky notes and post them around your home and workplace. Then, when you get the urge to smoke, these reminders will help your remember why quitting is so important.

Learn a new hobby. For many smokers, they're just as addicted to the "smoke break" as they are to smoking itself. They love the 10 or so minutes they can take to get away and enjoy alone time. If you're trying to quit, you may miss those breaks. Instead, continue to take those breaks, but spend the time on something else, like learning a new language or playing a musical instrument. Your mind will be occupied so you won't miss that cigarette break.

Try hypnosis. You may just need to realign your attitude and perspective. Hypnotherapy can help you do just that. In hypnotherapy, the therapist puts you in an altered state. Then, he or she suggests to you why you dislike smoking so much. The therapist may talk about how unhealthy it is, how it can affect your appearance, or even how dry it makes your mouth feel. When you wake up, you'll associate all those negative connotations with smoking, thus reducing your desire to smoke. For more information, contact a hypnotherapist at a clinic like Positive Change Unlimited. He or she can explain how hypnotherapy may work for you.

Kicking your smoking habit can be hard, but trying these new methods could help. 


4 September 2015

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