Should You Take Advantage Of Your Employer's Wellness Benefit?


With most employers being required to shoulder more of the cost of employee health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many have turned to employee wellness programs to improve employee health (and decrease the number of claims) by encouraging healthy activities. Employees who track their steps using a pedometer, have a health screening, or record entries in an online food journal may have access to cheaper health insurance premiums, even if in a high-risk group.

22 September 2015

4 Unusual Ways To Quit Smoking


Are you trying to kick your smoking habit? You already know how unhealthy smoking can be. You probably also know how difficult the habit is to quit. Nicotine can be stubbornly addictive. For some smokers, it takes several attempts before they're able to kick the habit for good. Maybe you've tried traditional methods, like nicotine patches or quitting cold turkey. If that hasn't worked, it might be time to try something a little more unusual.

4 September 2015